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FAST has a huge social aspect that aspires to create a fun-loving environment for the freshmen to grow and bond.

          There are three retreats throughout the year. A fall retreat near the beginning of FAST, a winter retreat at the end of winter break, and a spring retreat right before spring break.

          We also have FAST dinners every Tuesday night and Rec night every Wednesday night. There are numerous co-FLO hangouts and a number of other social based events, all of which allow You to meet new people and create life long friendships.

           Another huge social aspect of FAST are the SG's (social groups). These SG's are similar to DG's from Fish Camp and are run by a guy counselor and a girl counselor and typically have about nine freshmen in each one. The point of these are to create a smaller and more personal environment for you to be able to find an even smaller family within FAST.  

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